Monday 15 February 2010

Inspiration is all around

Did you know that Inspire is derived from 'inspirare', meaning 'to breathe in'?  So Inspiration is the act of breathing in...

Isn't that an amazing idea?  Inspiration is all around us.

It's not so remote, abstract concept, but something that is as innate to us as the very act of breathing itself.

We are born to be inspired and to inspire. This cycle of inspiration is our birthright as human beings.  It is our legacy; our natural flow.  We may have been cut off from it for far too long, but that does not mean that this ability is dead; it is simply dormant, patiently awaiting our time and attention.

So how do we begin playing with inspiration again?  How do we befriend it?  How do we become so intimately entwined with it that infuses our daily lives?

It's so simple.   As simple as all the truly wonderful aspects of life....

We become aware of our daydreams.  We begin to notice the little thoughts that whisper at the back of our mind.  These tiny little signs are the murmurs of our spirit, letting us know that it is always present, always waiting for us to reconnect with ourselves, with our spiritual essence.

Inspiration is the language of our spirit.  Respectfully, like the wise woman who only speaks when the seeker is ready to ask the question, it does not intrude on our lives, but faithfully remains in the background.  It waits for us to remember our ineffable gift, the language of the soul.  And as soon as we do, it steps forward to meet us, gently revealing itself in slow, graceful increments.

What is your inspiration whispering to you today?

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