Monday 22 February 2010

The Blank Canvas

Life is so full of ideas, deadlines, meetings, and so many other events that our brains are fully occupied.  That may not be such a good thing!  Being fully occupied means I'm normally just dealing with the day-to-day issues of life.  And that is a pretty responsive place to be.  It's not creative.  It's not stretching the bounds of who I am and how I interact with life.

To be completely honest, it leaves me pretty cold.  After an 11 hour day, I'm not always full of sparkle, joy and passion for life.  For that very reason, I need blank canvases in life!  My friend Gary suggested this to me today.

Gary's idea is that we should imagine life as a blank canvas, and only draw onto that canvas scenarios that are loving, inspiring, fun and uplifting.  While we draw on our blank canvas, experiencing those emotions will embed these visions more deeply into our unconscious minds, thereby increasing the likelihood that we create these wonderful scenes.

I love any creative idea that helps us play with life, that re-infuses it with its own innate joie de vivre.  Life is not about the 'to do' list.  We can squeeze it that small if we wish, but there's so much more to be experienced, every time we remember to get off the 'to do' treadmill and notice the intricate delicacies of life all around us.

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