Wednesday 24 October 2012

In the face of love

Yesterday I was doing a meditation on love and spreading love into every cell in my body.  As I explored what love is, I came to two understandings.

The first is that love, specifically divine love, is not only big, like the divine ecstasy described in many stories.  I experienced it as an infinitely gentle wave of kindness.  It was unconditional; I received this love regardless of what I did or did not do.  The intention of my highest good, my well being, was at the very centre of this incredible gentleness and well being washing over me. 

The second insight into love was that it really can heal anything.  As I felt the love wash gently through me I started to think about President Assad of Syria and send him love.  The dream that unfolded was this: if everyone were to send love to him, if even the oppressed and freedom fighters, if even the soldiers on his side, were to spend all the energy they invest in fighting in loving him, the present situation could not continue. Anger begets anger.  Violence begets violence.   In the face of love, evil is not possible. 

When we are utterly enveloped in love, we cannot hurt another.

I'm not suggesting that I go over to Syria and preach love, though I now understand why Jesus preached love. The reason I share this is because it was a profound insight into the power within love, and it made me think again about how I can love for both personal benefit and the higher good.

Love is the essence of the divine.  As I think about it, it makes sense that it would carry within it the infinite power of the divine.

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