Tuesday 23 October 2012

James - another jump

James has taken another leap, and I don't just mean attending nursery school for the first time.  Mind you, the bizarrest thing about that was that he smelt different when he came back.  They never tell you how strongly a newborn baby smells, and since then I've been aware that he has a scent, as we all do.  I thought it would always be the same.  Apparently not.  It was disconcerting when he didn't smell like he used to because he'd been in another environment.

Suddenly, we are back to tantrums, though those seem to be a result of tiredness.  On the more endearing side, he's now got a whole new string of words, from 'geeleelee' for jellyfish and 'docadoc' for crocodile to 'tactac' for tractor.  Yes, we do spend a lot of time in sea and on farms!

He is also starting to sing songs.  'Old McDonald', otherwise known as 'eye, eye, eye' (read: ei, ei, ei, ei oh!) is his favourite.  Yesterday he started to do 'roley poley', complete with actions, at dinner!   When he wants to ask a question, he says, 'how 'bout....?'  I didn't know I said that so often!  Nor did i know I had so many cups of tea: every time he hears the kettle boil, he says 'cupatee'.

He is also more interested in imaginary play.  We build little 'baby houses' for his teddies out of sheets and chairs or clothes horses.  We gave him a tea set for his birthday and we are now treated to 'cup o tee's all day long!

He's more fussy about food now, sometimes skipping an entire meal.  I've decided not fret over this, he'll eat at the next meal if he's hungry.  And although baking - much less walking! - is still a messy affair, I find it's getting easier: we made feta and herb scones yesterday (I thought he'd be more inclined to eat if he made it himself, which turned out to be true.)

It's wonderful seeing him develop his character and watching out for his preferences, so that we can support him in following his interests and, eventually, find his path in life easily and gracefully.

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