Wednesday 24 October 2012

The Alchemist

Yesterday I got angry with man in a car insurance company.  I was embarrassed to have got angry with him and I did apologise but ohhh.... These huge companies have dehumanised both their empolyees and clients in order that they fit a system that, frankly, is not humane.  It's no wonder we see videos of employees suddenly throwing their laptops out the 29th floor window of a grey call centre.

At about the same time, I received an email from Georgeanne with the following quote:

"Be an Alchemist
Like an alchemist, transform something worthless into something precious.  The key to alchemy is in your perception.

Look for the limitless possibilities that surround you.  See the innate value of everything and turn lead into gold.

Focus on the pure gold within each one.  You may have to overlook the visible lead to seek the hidden gold!"

At the point when I received the email, I was too ashamed to read it.  I never lose my temper... well, hardly ever.  The other thought for the day I received was about the process of creativity and how it opens our heart and fills us with joy, from Diana Cooper.

Slowly it dawned on me.  I am an Alchemist.  I am creative every day.  I am always looking for the gold nestling silently under its leaden cloak.  From Mud to Miracles is all about alchemy.

I am an Alchemist.

I haven't found the gold in my interaction with the car insurance company.  Yet.  But the realisation that Alchemy has always been my passion, well that is profoundly... enlightening.

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