Wednesday 31 October 2012

Partnership with God

I had a small car accident on Friday.  It completely shook me to the core and undermined my trust in my safety, in my relationship with the Divine and in my entire spiritual journey.

The accident broke me open.  I questioned deeply.  I felt as though I lost faith.  Now I see the blessing. 

I asked some friends for their perspective and, in general, they said to trust it was for the highest good.  Rereading Jane's reply today, a new level of clarity dawned.

I have imagined that because I love Source, Spirit, the Divine, God, that somehow my love would protect me. Not only would it protect me from all harm, it would provide for me.  I realise now that while greater love for the Divine brings greater divine love towards me, it does not make me exempt from the lessons I must learn, or the karma I must balance.

These challenges are a part of the Divine love and always arrive in the most loving way possible.  The real challenge is not living through those trying moments; the real challenge is keeping the love alive and bright in those challenges, remembering that they are conduits of increased divine love.  They are not rebukes from an angry god on a throne; they are gentlest possible redirections from the Infinite Mother who wishes the very best for me.

Jane noted that if we are all part of God then s/he feels as we do.  If we live our lives with joy, regardless of the challenges we face, the Divine feels our love and joy.  It is only then that we are really working in partnership with the Divine force of life, that we are living in partnership with God, because it is only then that we want what we have, we are moving in the same flow, the same vibration as the Divine.

I'm not saying I have to squash my natural disappointment or shock, but I can experience it, move through it and choose not to dwell in it.  Nor does this mean we cannot wish for better - my housing being an abject case in point - but if I fight what is, I am not aligned with Source. 

Surely it is much better to love what is - home or car  - and accept that if I have that, then that is what is perfect for me.  That is my perfection.  Then I am no longer identified by my home, by my driving record, or by any externals whatsoever.  Then I am defined by my love and that love is my foundation.  I can work for a better future for others from that foundation, I can create inspiring projects for myself from that foundation: I can believe that a wonderful home will come.

If this blog is circular in its logic it is because I keep coming back to the same point: all else pales into insignificance in face of the one truth.  Love what is.  There is no question to which the answer is not love.  There is no circumstance that is not the outcome of love.  Loving what is aligns me with All That Is.

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