Tuesday 5 March 2019

Divine Mother: I have never asked you to be perfect

I have never asked you to be perfect.  Never.  

That is an old, out-modded, out-dated expression of power and dominance from an age that is now passed.  

I have asked you to be expressive, to be expansive, to be most vibrantly, lusciously, wildly YOU.   

This is, quite literally, the experience of a life time!  Enjoy it!  Lighten up about it!  Play with it!  Have fun!

This is my request to you.  Any idea, suggestion or commandment to control, improve, eradicate, or negate a part of you is past its ‘best before date’.  Becoming perfect reflections of some divine father hiding in the sky who is ready to punish you is not our desire for you.  

Our wish is for the fullness of experience.  You, our beloved lightworkers, are already perfect in your commitment, in your steadfastness, in your love and in your compassion.  

The journey is twisty, bumpy and uncomfortable.  We understand that and we are not looking for perfection.  We are looking for commitment, for integrity, for compassion, for love, for humour, for forgiveness, for fun!

So start to love yourselves as I love you.  Allow yourselves to be who you are.  Expand into your selves with joyfulness, for that is where the treasures of experience and expansion are hidden.  

Follow your delights and have fun with life!  When you lighten up, you en-lighten the collective.
Come and play!  Come and party!  

Come and delight in all that is uniquely, wonderful, perfectly YOU.

Let your discernment be not clouded by fear or shame; rather follow your de-light, your laughter, your joy.

There is no good or bad.  There is no judgement.  There is experience; and with experience comes discernment and the ability to make better choices that uplift and inspire both you and the collective. 

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