Friday 3 May 2019

Divine Mother: Water is the phsyical embodiment of divine love

My beloved children,

Just as Gaia is alive and ascending, as is all life upon her, from the animals to the plants, so too is water.

Water is not inanimate.  Water is alive.  It is vibrant.  And just like Gaia, it has a sacred purpose and divine consciousness.

Why do you bless with 'love and light'?  Because light is the visual embodiment of divine love. 

Water is the physical embodiment of divine love.  It is born of love.  It does not just radiate love, it nourishes you with its many frequencies of love.  It responds to you.  It replies to you.  It reflects your intentions. 

Water is alive and intelligent, working alongside the natural world and the All That Is, to bring about the upliftment of all life on Gaia. 

The work of my child Emoto on water was not a random accident.  It was the beginning of a new consciousness about the consciousness of water. 

It pains me as any mother is pained to see a child mistreated, disrespected, belittled, enslaved or ignored.  That has been the history of water in many cultures, especially since the industrial revolution. 

Water cannot be owned or controlled.  She is free.

Water cleanses your cities as it flows through your rivers, it clears lower vibrations of pain and heart ache as you bathe, it purifies your air as it falls in rain and snow, it uplifts, detoxifies and heals you as you drink it.

Water is also the journey of an Archangel, just like Gaia is, Archangel Ishielle.  She will work with you as you work with water.  She is looking forward to the day when all share her passion for water and treat her with the respect with which you are beginning to treat our precious Gaia. 

I invite you to invoke AA Ishielle when you bathe, when you drink, when you see floods and droughts.  She is waiting to collaborate actively with you in the purification of all waters, however small or polluted. 

She is poised to move from 3D and 4D to 5D crystaline based, plasma water, which will have extremely potent healing and purification powers.

Indeed, you can experience this now, by inviting AA Ishielle and water to express that aspect of their beingness in your taps, in your pipes, in your rivers, in your glass, in your seas.

Water is love, that is why all life depends upon it.

I embrace you all in the infinite, loving love of the Divine.

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  1. Beautiful Dear Jennifer and Divine Mother. I Love and Adore All Water. Water is the Life Blood of Gaia. All is in the Infinite waters. I Will Invoke AA Ishielle Thank You. Infinite Gratitude flows from my hearts to yours.
    I Love You