Tuesday 21 May 2019

Ashian: A suggested etiquette for meeting with Galactics

Ashian: Greetings Jennifer, we have been awaiting contact and are very glad that you have given into the nudgings we have offered you.

Jennifer: It was hard to avoid them!

A: 😊

J: Your last channel has been really well received and left people with many more questions, but I feel that you really wish to discuss protocols, for want of a better word, related to meeting with Galactics.

A: Yes, this is such.  We are aware that there is an increase in the amount of interest in the immanent arrivals of our delegations – and we stress that this is the public arrival, for the arrivals have been happening behind the scenes for some six months on this new footing.

J: ‘New footing’?

A: 6-9 months ago (you remember you work in time and we work in vibration and frequency) there was an agreement made that a turning point had been reached: the vibration had, for the very first time, tipped one of the ‘indicator levels’.  

Let us explain it like this, there is not a single vibration level that marks ‘the beginning’, or even ‘the end’; there are a series of vibrations points that indicate spiritual expansion and willingness into spiritual maturity, where one becomes able to acknowledge the innate divine and your Galactic brothers and sisters.  You have similar markers; when someone turns 18 it is sign they are maturing, but you all understand that there is more wisdom yet to be gained.  Similarly, 30, 40, 50 years and so on, all mark points in your life where you have amassed a collection of experiences and, ideally, developed wisdom and compassion from them.

It is similar in the spiritual realm, but we are looking at light frequencies, rather than years.  In this way, your children and grandchildren are often reaching the frequency markers far quicker than you are, for a variety of reasons we would not go into now, as it would deflect from our current focus.

J: I think you’ve already provided a lot of interesting information!

A: Let us proceed, dearest heart… It will soon be the case that the delegations will be more visible and more open.  They will be more accessible to everyone, not just those in the assigned Gaian Delegation.  And while there is great enthusiasm about meeting you, we would delicately suggest the need for delicacy in our initial meetings.  Let us explain further…

Life on Gaia has been hard, and you have become used to ‘the pushing and shoving’ that is involved in your lives, for example on transport at rush hour, entering and leaving concerts, sporting events, schools, factories… there is much thoughtless physical contact that is frequently rough and discomforting in your physical lives.

This is not the case for the Galactics.  We are exceptionally aware of the physical, emotional, mental and psychic space of each other.  Many of us only converse telepathically, so we are honour-bound to respect each other’s space, to seek permission – through the use of a vibrational message that is the equivalent of your ‘hello, are you willing to interact in this now’ – we must be invited before we extend into the space of another.

It is not that we do not enjoy physical contact, we very much do, however it is of a very different vibration than the thoughtless physical interactions on your planet.
J: Yes, that all makes sense now that you say it.  So, what does this mean for approaching you?

A: It means that physical meeting is slower and more reserved than you might imagine.  We are family, this is true, but for us as well as for you, this will be a new experience.  It will also bring feelings of physical overwhelm to our body systems as they are more finely calibrated than yours at this time.  

When you come in contact with us, we pick up your emotional state, your thoughts, intentions, fears… it is not that we ‘read’ them, it is more that the whole of these thoughts etc carry a vibration that we can experience as heavy.  If this is combined with rough, physical movements or uninvited contact, the vibration becomes even heavier for us, especially among those of us who have not had a lot of exposure to humans.

J: So are you saying: Move slowly, speak quietly, don’t touch?

A: Not in quite that way.  That is also too coarse, too rough.  We are saying, you see people move more respectfully and consciously when they are around dignitaries than the way they interact with their best friends.  There is a difference in the quality of both sets of movements, although the intention – to interact with someone – is the same.

J: OK…

A: Let me put it like this, we will be able to stay with you for longer sessions with far greater ease, if we are not overloaded by rough actions and words.

J: That makes sense.  There’s something you are wanting to add…

A: Yes, thank you.  We would like to state that only those beings who have worked on developing their vibration, their light quotient – whether consciously or unconsciously – will be of a vibration where we can interact together.  Those who have not yet reached that level of spiritual maturity will either have no interest in meeting us or be hostile to meeting us.  Either way, they will not be entering into our fields.

J: Is shaking hands acceptable?

A: It would be better a small bow of the head, with a right hand raised to the heart.*  Let us begin with gentle mutual respect, as familiarity increases, this will evolve rapidly.

J: What if we get it wrong?  What if someone does something wrong in the heat of the moment?

A: I do not wish to be like a school dragon!  We sense your intentions, and where this is a genuine mistake, there is no offence taken at all.  

We are looking forward to the meetings immensely and we do not wish to overwhelm you with instructions, but rather to explain to you how we interact between ourselves, so that you may understand us better. In this manner, all sides are preparing for good first encounters that leave all of us feeling energised and excited to meet again.

J: Thank you so much Ashian.

*This is the image I saw in my mind’s eye, but it may have been two fingers to the heart.  I believe it to be real, but I cannot guarantee it isn’t my imagination filling in a blank!

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  1. Just found you on the web Jennifer and thoroughly enjoy reading your writing.
    Thank you for sharing recent Galactic contacts and knowledge.Looking forward to reading more. Wishing you well, Much love, Pips