Wednesday 15 May 2019

Cmdr Ashian: The quest of the ages is at an end, these are the moments before the summit is reached.

Beloved emissaries of light, my brothers and sisters, this is Ashian.

The colours have moved through the spectrum from muddy, sludgy red at the fall of humanity in this cycle through orange, yellow, green, blue and now, now you are vibrating at the outer edges of violet and indigo, just at the point where you will bounce into pure white light, expanding in an instant into every colour, encompassing all that you are and knowing that to be your truth.  

My brothers and sisters, you stand, like a symphony orchestra – well, they sit, but you understand my point! – at the moment of poise before the greatest performance of their lifetimes.  

It has not been billed as their greatest performance, because in truth there is never a certainty about which performance will be The Greatest.  

Before they begin, they feel only the excitement and apprehension of a diver, in the infinitesimal space between the decision to move and the actual movement itself.

You are that close, mere heartbeats away, from the greatest changes you have hoped to see on your planet, changes that you have worked so determinedly, so committedly to manifest.  

Even when you have felt defeated, exhausted and battered by the path of being sensitive souls in societies that are hard and aggressive, you have continued to shine your light, you have continued to have compassion, you have continued to be warriors of light.  

Perhaps there may be a better term, wielders of light… for you have used light with the artistry and skill of mastery.  You have fallen down, but you have got up and served again.

Rejoice now!  Be sure to turn your compassion inwards, to be gentle to yourself now, for in the final moments, on the galactic ‘eve’ of great changes: you are our heroes.  

There is no need to push harder, for that requires effort.  What is required is the release of effort, the flow of light that emerges from joy and spontaneity.  That is the highest service you can perform.  

These are the moments before the summit is reached.  While you must still continue to walk forwards, do so with a light heart, with happiness humming in your ears.  The quest of the ages is at an end.

Jennifer: Ashain, I’m really grateful for you coming through, but in all honesty, I don’t feel that this adds anything new, it’s just the same old, ‘keep on going’ message.  

Ashain: Sweetest sister, we are delighted to converse directly.  How may we be of service?

J: Well, ‘moments away’ is very close but very vague.  I know not to ask for dates, but something about the nature of the events to expect might be helpful.

A: There are many events about to ‘kick off’ in your dimension, disclosure is about to come in some dramatic, though not fear-inducing ways.  There have been well respected people from your planet who have already met with delegations and the preliminaries are all in place for the public announcement of this fact.  

It is true that this is being forestalled by those reluctant to release power, but it will and must happen, and within a short time frame, as the required vibratory markers have been met.
J: Well that sounds exciting!  Any names: is X among them?

A: Yes, but he is just one of many, from many different spheres of life, including people who are unknown to the public who will serve as local liaison officers, so to speak, answering questions in their communities so that this is not a moment ‘out there’, but something that is real and tangible across the entirety of sweetest Gaia.

J: Could they not be targeted?

A: You may be assured that if they are doing this job, they have an enormous amount of protection! 
In tandem with this, alongside this, there is to be, coinciding, some great changes in society that will remove the illusion of goodness from those have power for bad purposes.  The leverage to manipulate is about to dissolve without them fully realising that their moment has passed.

J: So is that accountability?

A: Yes.  When the boards are being swept clean, then changes such as the revaluation of currency can be rolled out, this further increases the vibration bringing the start of the heart opening event much closer, in both vibration and time.

So all is in readiness.  We are in readiness and great excitement, for it has already been for us, as there is no time, so we have felt what you will experience and I can assure you that it will have been worth everything.

J: Thank you for this.  It’s very heartening.

A: it is our pleasure, we are in your service, for that is what brings us greatest joy.
J: Thank you

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  1. Jennifer, thank you for news of the delegations, accountability, the Reval, and planetary heart opening.

    And thank you for pressing Cdr Ashian to be more specific about events. The amount of waiting that has been asked of us has been very difficult so specific news of tangible events is very much appreciated.