Friday 31 May 2019

Cmdr Ashian: Self-Compassion is Light squared

Jennifer: Welcome!  And thank you, I know you have been leading up to this for two days, so I’m excited to hear what you wish to say.

Ashian: Thank you, and we are grateful for the opportunity to address you all.

J: Right, let’s go!

A: We would ask you to imagine a wild stallion, running free, at one with nature, with his spirit, with the horses around him; there is a pure, raw beauty to him, as well as an innate intelligence and compassion.  

Now, imagine that this stallion is shackled and bound by ropes and weights, pulling him to a stop, even as he tries to free himself.  He knows who he is and how he wishes to live, but however hard he tries, he cannot express that power, that freedom, that divine spark within him.

J: I see the picture.  It’s painful, saddening, and demoralising.

A: Consider that you are that stallion.  Consider that this powerful, free birth-right is yours, but it has been robbed from you.  And the solution, we would propose, is self-compassion.

J: I think you better say a little bit more.

A: We had hoped to!  Humanity has been shackled and bound, through invisible implants, genetic alterations, social programming, and through energetic memes that have purposefully limited who you are and what your potential is.  This information is not new to you, but we wish to present it in a slightly different manner.

J: Brilliant!  We love different!

A: When you send love to Gaia, to others, to the air, the water, the animals and plants, even to the divine, you are increasing the light-love frequency of your planet.  Imagine that the light you send out is doubled, in that same way that 4 + 4 = 8.

J: Go on…

A: When you turn that love inwards, through self-nurturing, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-parenting, self-soothing and self-acceptance, the light is squared.  In the same way that 4 x 4 = 16.

J: How is that even possible?

A: It is simple, dearest one, you are programmed.  Rather like a computer, there is a trojan virus operating in the background, one that is invisible to detect, but one that has been vital, crucial to the subordination of human beings on Terra Gaia for millennia.  

Up until now, it has been hard for you to conceptualise this, so you have focused on sending love to what you see around you: your family, your precious planet, your neighbours and a million other good causes.  All this has awakened and increased your compassion and your love.  It has enabled you to increase the vibration on Gaia.

But, we are nearing the very ends of time as you know it – and yes, we feel you sigh with relief at this – and so it has become ever more important that you focus within: as much as you focus with-out. 
You have a saying that every road leads to Rome.  All love should lead you home: home to yourself.  That is where the divine rests, within your sacred, precious self.  

We are extremely aware of the memes of self-inflicted cruelty that even the kindest among you impose upon yourselves.  Words that you would never dream of uttering to another, you repeat endlessly to yourselves.  You do untold damage to your sacred self in this process; you hold yourselves back.  You remain where the dark wishes you to be, enslaved in their memes of self-judgement.

May I suggest to you, that we would never treat ourselves in this way.  Indeed, we could not, because to injure ourselves with even the slightest negative thought about ourselves would be to injure and insult the Divine within.  

We are so in love with the divine, so swaddled in that love, that whether within or with-out, we can only offer love.  So it pains us greatly to see how you are talking to yourselves, mostly without even being aware of how harsh you are being with your sweet selves.

The most radical thing you can do, in this moment, to dramatically increase the light on your planet right now, is self-compassion.

Self-compassion covers everything; every kind thought, every judgement that you acknowledge and release, every fear that you acknowledge and bless, every self-loathing whisper you notice and welcome…

This is the radical path in these times.  So often, you have overlooked yourselves in favour of caring for others, but we invite you, in the strongest possible terms, to be gentle with yourselves.  

From our greeting etiquette, you will have seen that we are gentle, we are soft and respectful, we are mindful and caring in even the smallest detail; this flows first to ourselves, and then it overflows to others.

As you take your places as emissaries of light, as inter-galactic diplomats, teachers and leaders, way showers and love holders, enrobe yourselves in self-gentling, this self-mindfulness, first and foremost.

J: Wow!  Thank you Ashian.  It’s just a shame that’s so hard.

A: We do not underestimate this.  It is truly a discipline of Masters.  But you are Masters, so you are worthy of the challenge of the path.

J: Thank you, for the faith in us, that we may heal the little wounded voices that whisper to us, and become the stallions we are – with sincere apologies for that horribly mixed metaphor!

A: Not at all!  We like that it is jumbled, it lightens the message and light transforms faster than critique!

J: Many, many thanks.

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