Monday 9 July 2018

Co-existence 4: Boarding Ashian’s Craft

I have wondered, doubted and questioned every experience I think I had then.  But boarding the craft on which Ashian arrived is the most real event that took place during this time.  I do not doubt it, even though it happened in the subtle realm not the 3D physical realm, and here’s why.

There were many things that happened during that period that crashed through the boundaries of ‘normal’ life.  On one occasion, I found myself in Merlin the Magician’s private quarters; on another occasion, my consciousness left my body and I consciously flew into the top of a tree trunk and when I travelled out through the roots, I found myself in deep space.  On yet another occasion, I found myself in Afghanistan.  These events could have been my imagination.  I have doubted the validity of my own experiences but not my sanity: perhaps therein lies the problem!  

My friends had described the craft to me.  They said it was a green pyramid structure, perhaps 20 feet long.  So, if I was predisposed, or even pre-programmed, to imagine I was seeing something, it would have been a relatively small craft.

My experience was totally different.  We went to the location where the craft was located, not only was it invisible to the human eye, it was also invisible to my third eye.  I couldn’t see it but I could feel it when I was near it.  By sensing it, I was able to walk its perimeter, which was indeed no more than 20-40 feet in length and width.  

I don’t remember a colour, but I am inclined to think it was more silvery, or perhaps it was made of light, though that seems hard for the rational brain to understand.  There were no doors.  I simply decided to enter – to my shame, I don’t seem to remember asking if I could enter – and I walked through the structure.

Once I was inside, I could see clearly with my third eye.  And what I saw took my breath away.  The space was enormous and it was bathed in beautiful golden light.  I was standing on the edge of an huge atrium, which stretched many stories high, with a balcony wrapping around each floor, overlooking the atrium.  The balconies were full of Galatics.  They knew ‘the human’ was here and they had all come to see me, to look with curiosity at the person who could see them!

The overriding feeling I experienced, however, was love.  While they were curious about me, there was an over-riding atmosphere of light-heartedness and love.  Blissful love.  They poured their love into me, but it wasn’t for ‘me’ personally, it was love for all humanity, which they were grounding through me.  

I could see the shape of many individuals - they were tall, perhaps 6-7ft high, and slim –  I couldn’t make out their clothes or their faces; they were simply too radiant.  There were a few, perhaps three or four, who were standing near me, and the Galactic closest too me on my left, communicated with me telepathically.   

He – perhaps it was Ashian – thanked me for my service and my assistance with their work.  He conveyed their love and gratitude.  Then they requested to go and thank my friends.  As soon as we stepped through the craft wall, I was back in the park I had never physically left.  I and two of the Galactics went over to the car where my friends were.  They conveyed their message of thanks to me, so that I could ‘translate’ it for my friends, who weren’t able to communicate telepathically with them.

They end was approaching.  They were preparing to leave.  And to ‘de-couple’ Ashian and my energies.

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