Friday 13 March 2020

Divine Grace: In fear, there is fractured love.

The tide is turning. 

Look not at the seeming chaos, look instead into the space: there is peace.  In the infinity, there is the finite; in the pain there is the release.

In the fear, there is fractured love.  

You may be looking at the world around you and wondering what is happening, if it is going crazy.  This is a release on a massive, global scale.  

Imagine the accumulated karma of tens of thousands of years.  Imagine the karma of one person to another, of citizens, of armies, of a global population to the planet that nurtures them.  

This is the explosion of that karma.  This does not mean that everyone will be sick.  This means that almost everyone will have the opportunity to transmute fear into love.

That is the sacred quest of this time.  Can you transmute fear into love?  Can you see the chaos around you and find love within?  

Can you notice the fear within, and find the love also within?  

Love is so strong that as soon as you have found it, it transmutes the fear.  Have you noticed when you have finished a depressing conversation, you turned away and you noticed a child playing, a bird singing or a person smiling, how your mood instantly lifted?  Three seconds spent in love, in connection with the essence that is your essence transforms three minutes of pain.  Transmutes it and returns it to the divine.

This is the age of energetic recycling!  

Transmute fear into love; notice fear and bless it with love. Poof!  You have done it, that fear is forever free of your earthly density.  It is returned to the purity from whence it came.  That is your divine power and your divine right: to transform as I do.

If you notice fear within, that is wonderful.  

I am so pleased, because then you are actively engaged in the recycling process.  You are not just looking and spotting the ‘splinter in your brother’s eye’, you are noticing the splinter in your own eye. 

Notice that fear, thank it for showing itself to you, bless it, love it – poof!  It is released.  Gaia and the entire population are now forever free of that distortion of love.

Do you see now, how the scale of the current moment, is allowing for the most enormous, the most unprecedented expansion of fear into love?  

Do you see how this is eons worth of trapped fear and pain rising up to the surface because it knows that now is the time to return to love?

You, my bravest light workers and love weavers, you are the heroes of the age; you volunteered to step forward for this enormous task and you are doing it with divine grace.  

I am the Divine Grace

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