Wednesday 25 March 2020

Willing to be willing

Have you ever wondered, 'What's next to be healed in my life?'  'Where am I blocked?'  'How can get ahead on this spiritual path?!'

The short answer is: isolation will show you.

Whether your country is in shut down, or you're in voluntary isolation, there is nowhere to run at present.  What bugs you now is the Universe's gentlest invitation to see a little part of you that's hurt, that's lost, that may be sulking, rebelling, acting out or zoning out.

Yes, there it is!  That's it.  Darn it, why couldn't it be something easier to deal with?

Recently, I have genuinely impressed myself with how much acceptance and surrender I have felt in the face of a flat-sale that has truly tested my husband and I.  I thought I had this down pat....



Well, actually, that's the old paradigm, the 3D perspective; 'don't get too pleased with yourself, because your arrogance will call in bad fortune.'

The 5D paradigm asks us, in sofar as we can, to bless the obstacle, the vasana, the bugbear, the grievance, the shameful secret, the unhealed wound.

We aren't broken.  There's nothing to fix.  The 'weaknesses' that we feel we were born with, were our Soul's calling card, a reminder of the lessons we planned to master on Earth School.  Our so-called weaknesses are the pathways to our greatest learnings, insights, virtues and qualities.

Right now, our greatest strengths are in the forge; they are being purified and strengthened. 

We are developing the inner sight to understand that once we master one level of a virtue, we graduate to a more intense class: can we practice what we have learnt?

It's important to remember, that it's ok to falter as we move a into a deeper experience; that's part of the process. 

Nor do we need to force this process.

All that is asked of us is gentle curiosity and willingness - however begruding! - to allow this process to work its way through us.  We are being asked to Trust on a scale never before asked of humans.

Trust that this is all in hand.  If you can't completely trust, if your willingness stumbles, be willing to be willing; that tiny chink of light is all that Spirit requires to enter your life, your heart, and
create miracles.

I am willing to be willing to trust'.

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