Tuesday 24 March 2020

On wobbling and being human

If there is one dis-ease that we are all susceptible to these days, it is fear. It spreads invisibly, almost unnoticed, and then, in a moment we realise, we've got it. All is not lost.

I'm sorry I've been away a few days, to be honest, I've been wobbling all over the place! I have some symptoms, it's only mild, and yet, the bigger issue was the fear I was feeling.

It's ok. We are human, we can be afraid. Feeling fear is a perfectly normally response to the current events: it's even a sane response.

The point is not to be love and light, shining bright, at all times. The point, the very reason we signed up for this soul journey, was because we knew we Would feel the fear. And then we would transmute it, because transmuting it for ourselves, actually serves All of humanity in this catalytic time.

We can all transmute fear. The very first step must be realising that we are afraid. But, you had already noticed that, hadn't you?! See, we're on a roll!

The next step is find the method that works for us to send this fear back to the Divine, to Infinite Love, to the Goddess, to the God, to expression of infinite love that resonates most for you. 
A few suggestions are:
writing down your fears and burning them
singing them out loud and then singing the response of the Divine, as She reaches back to you (trust yourself, this is an incredibly powerful process)
Dancing them out, dancing love in

Any method that you think of, is probably the path for you. Trust your inner wisdom

We are all in a uncharted territory, we are all doing our best.  Let's give ourselves credit for being here now. It shows we have reached PhD level in the deeper studies of Life.

And consider this, the last time you were in a tightly constricted space - you were just about to be born <3

May all my love and a monsoon of tiny blessings wash over you, dissolving all that is not Love, filling you with all that is Love.

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