Saturday 28 March 2020

Divine Mother - Ask for the antibody to be downloaded into you and all

My beloved children,

I address you all in a solemn manner today, for I see the pain, hardship, turmoil and fear that rages in so many of my children's hearts.  Even those among you who are the bravest, clearest and most steadfast have had moments when you have wobbled.

This is entirely natural and normal.  There is a great, indeed the greatest ever, explosion of stored negativity rushing out from humanity and Gaia at the same time.  And it is you, my beloved children of light and love, who are clearing it.

No matter how spiritually developed you are, you will have moments where you feel overwhelmed, apprehensive or uncomfortable.  It is so, because the last shreds of your lineage's clearing is also happening through you.

Never have so many done such powerful, such invisible or such courageous work, all in plain sight yet utterly cloaked.  You are my light bearers, dissolving the darkness of millenia.

My love for you, my appreciation for your work and my joy as your adoring mother knows no bounds.  When you feel weak, dissolve into my arms, I will hold you, nurture you and bring you back to full strength, that is my promise to each and every one of my children.

I have come here this day to share with you that this man made vehicle of hate cannot exist in the higher dimensions and frequencies of love.  It feeds on negativity and causes so much pain so that it can exist.

But hate not the virus, that was not born, but constructed. It is not 'organic' in that sense.  If you hate it, or fear it, you create negative power channels, which was the ulterior purpose for which it was created - apart from the painful loss of life.

Its secondary purpose was to create an energy for those who feed off negative energy.  They believe that they are feasting now, but it is an illusion.

There are two ways that I invite you to become 'first responders' to this emergent moment.  The first is to send love to the virus and to all within its field of influence.  This practice, with dedicated attention, can dissolve the spread of the virus, the severity of the symptoms and the death toll, because it effectively cuts it off at its roots.

The second way is to invite the download of the antibodies into your system and into the population in general.  At a certain frequency, a specific light quotient, this is entirely possible, because you are crystalline and not carbon, therefore you may alter your DNA at will.  The more of you who consciously invite in this attunement, the faster you will reach what has been called the 'hundreth monkey effect' or 'herd immunity'.

My beloved children, you are no more a herd to me than your loved ones are to you.  Each and every one of you is precious to me in a way that is beyond your wildest imaginings.  For this reason, I am giving you concrete ways that you may begin today, to halt the spread of this sickness in a much briefer time-frame than the experts predict.

The experts are focusing on the 3D to make their assumptions and calculations.  You are calling in and igniting the 5D, you are activating the crystalline element of the holographic matrix of your entire universe; because you are taking quantum action, your results will have exponential effects that defy the experts' opinions.

You have this power to change life on earth now.  I have not gifted it to you.  The Father has not given it to you.  It is Yours, because We Are All One.  I am YOU.  You ARE Me.  We are One.

With my infinite love to you all, my dearest hearts.


  1. If that is remotely true then what you should be doing living in the 3D is keep your fucking mouth shut as to not draw attention to experts like myself that can alter it any way we want to.
    I suggest WOMAN you find something constructive to do before you spend the rest of eternity locked in the code with the others

  2. gracias madre divina YOSOY EL QUE YOSOY