Wednesday 26 August 2009

Trusting Ourselves

I thought it was just me… I've been feeling tired beyond reasonable cause, introverted, lacking in focus and momentum, and I'm eating more than normal.

I thought I had sunk into a 'funk' that I needed to pull myself out of; that I wasn't putting enough effort into life; that I was letting it pass me by...

And then yesterday I read the August 22nd blog on Emerging Earth Angels., which cleared up so much of my confusion. It showed me that I'm actually in the right place - without even trying!

I have been working with a Theta Healer, Lyn Richardson, recently. I have had the strongest sense that I am in the last phases of clearing out the really core issues and blockages that used to tangle me up. I have felt that I am gracefully losing some of my biggest 'buttons' and of becoming more peaceful and present inside.

Additionally, I have had a very strong feeling that life is not meant to be about ploughing in enormous amounts of effort to achieve anything that we may value…that we are moving into a period where being is more important than doing. By Being, we open ourselves up to inspiration, to divine timing... we magically fall into the momentum of the universal slipstream of coincidence, synchronicity and abundance.

Have you ever tried to fly a kite on a windy day? It can take a lot of effort and energy to get it up. And on other occasions, out of nowhere, it suddenly finds the flow, the air current, and it flies effortlessly, supported by the wind. Life is a lot like that kite: more flow and less effort.

The aim at the moment is to relax into acceptance of how you are feeling and what you are dreaming at this moment... The more you can BE, the easier it is for the universe to lift you up into its flow.

I offer this to you: trust yourself. Trust what you are feeling at the moment, trust your daydreams, because they are leading you to your soul purpose. Although you may feel weird, alone and confused, you are not alone. There is a rhyme and reason to what you are currently experiencing.

I seldom link to other sites, but check these out if you feel curious - I found them infinitely inspiring and reassuring. I'm not alone - I'm part of a bigger global phenomenon. And so are you.

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