Wednesday 23 June 2010

Chocolate Cheese Cake and our Divine Interconnection

Spiritual disciplines around the world, teach that we are all interconnected.  That's easy to see when we look at a shoal of fish or a swarm of birds, moving in harmony.  Our intimate interconnection with each other is much harder to experience.

This Sunday Dirk and I got some Chocolate Cheese Cake ... and had a very healthy portion each!  Three hours later, Dirk felt nauseous from the sugar overload and I was only slightly better, but then, I eat chocolate, so I've trained more!

What shocked me was the effect the sugar had on the baby.  While this baby loves to kick, s/he went into overdrive on Sunday evening.  Although it seems obvious in retrospect, I hadn't realise that one slice of cheesecake would affect her/him so deeply.

It is one of the paradoxes of pregnancy that although the baby grows inside me, s/he is most definitely not me.  They are their own being.  Experiencing the direct affect of a thoughtless, almost inconsequential, action on another being had quite an impact on me. 

It reminded me that we are all interconnected, and that interconnection is most clearly understood in the case of pregnancy.

It reminded me why Care and Attention towards others is so important to me: I may not always be as aware of our interconnection as I was during that hour, but the memory remains, washing through me, along with that intimate knowing that honouring and respecting others is a meaningful contribution towards making the world a better place.

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