Monday 28 June 2010

Seasons of the Soul

For me, Being and Doing are seasons of the Soul.  One is not better than they other, just as winter is not better than summer. 

They are part of a dance, a Universal balance that, when we recognise and respect it, can bring us unexpected gifts. 

I know the seasons well.  There are moments when, no matter what I try to do, it doesn't work.  I'm still learning that this means I'm in the "Being Season".  I know when this season is over because, almost like magic, the opportunities that I was trying to create magically unfurl before me. 

And in the "Doing Season", the tasks seem much easier, much lighter and more fun than when I was trying to force through them previously. 

I have no idea how long these seasons last.  Sometimes it feels as though they are months long, at other times, they seem to last just days. 

I suspect that each day has its own flow too.  Moments when our actions flow beautifully, and moments when it's best to step back, to reflect, to take stock about what we are doing.

Our society prides itself on constant activity, being 'on' 24/7... but frenetic activity without any balance, without time to observe... to reflect... to create... to innovate... is what creates an empty culture, devoid of meaning and deeper relationships.  Balancing doing with space, with some stillness, enriches our actions, ensures that our doing is not empty but refines what went before and enriches what follows after.  Surely this must benefit us all.

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