Thursday 17 June 2010

Healing Through Time

Yesterday morning I decided to try a different meditation, in my current quest to heal as many of the limitations and blockages as I can, before our child is born.

In almost every family I believe that there are divisions and fractures: relationships that were unable to expand to embrace difference, whether they were differences in nationality, politics, religion, or even personality type. 

Here's what happened as I went into a mediation with the intention of healing previous divisions.

As the meditation deepened, I decided to invite the forebearers of our family around a camp fire.  Once I had done this, I hoped that when they were all 'present', the process would evolve naturally, and I could simply observe.  What happened next simply evolved, it was not choreographed by me...

It was pitch black, with just the light from the campfire.  I saw figures emerge from two different sides and sit in a circle around the fire.  There were two very clear 'sides'.  Opposite me sat a figure that was bathed in light, that glowed in the darkness.  I explained that I had called them forth so that we could all release any anger or resentment that was holding us back from seeing others in our family with love and compassion.  I asked if they were willing to participate and  it seemed that they were. 

I extended my right arm to the person to the left of me and my left arm to the person on my right hand side.  As we interlaced arms around the group, light began to flow out in both directions through the figure opposite me and through me.  It circled around the group several times and then extended outwards and upwards, above the campfire, coming into a point and then, seemingly, exploding out into the space around us. 

Suddenly everyone was on their feet, walking over to those on the 'other side' of the circle and embracing them. The air was filled with laughter, warmth and peace.  After many hugs and laughs, they slowly, sat down in a circle again, but this time the two sides had merged.  The feeling around the group now was light, open and free.

The next thing I 'saw' was myself.  It was daylight and I was sitting on an enormous cream stone step.  I was struck by how easy it felt to breathe and how light my shoulders felt....  With that realisation, I became self-aware again and my consciousness shifted back to the room in which I was sitting...

Did this really happen?  Who knows.  Did I imagine it?  Dream it?  Wish it to be?  I don't know.  But it does provide a story, and stories are how we make meaning and sense of the world. 

Even if it was just a daydream, it indicates to me that I am on the right track, that our intention to heal old wounds can have transformative effects because - even if nothing else - I felt lighter after that mediation.  I felt as though I had released some old legacy that no longer served me. 

And, in the best case scenario, perhaps that will ripple out to others across the family, and across the generations.

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