Thursday, 24 June 2010

There are always answers

Sometimes, I feel as though I don't get answers to my questions.  But it's more likely that I'm overlooking the answers that I am given.  The Universe provides answers but they are seldom written in the sky: it is more subtle than that... Even if I'm not!

Over the past few days I've happened to read the same thought in different articles. The essence of the idea is this: there will always be those who disagree and who say it can't be done... Do it anyway.

Despite what we may see around us, I believe that we live in a fundamentally benevolent universe. Such coincidences, or synchronicities, are messages to support us, to bring us new understanding and support when we need it most.

If I didn't require some reassurance at present, I wouldn't even notice that message. I'd read it and forget it immediately.

We are struck most deeply by our own thoughts mirrored outside by the words and actions of others.

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