Thursday 17 February 2011

The Archangels' Visit - Day 2

Ask with your heart

As I sat there writing questions and imagining replies to those questions,* I couldn't help wondering if it was my imagination or if I was really tapping into some greater wisdom.  Perhaps the wisdom was the Archangels': or perhaps it was my own.  Either way, I learnt a lot in my early morning session with them. 

I asked about our difficulty in finding a home.  The response I got was a suggestion to ask with my heart, not my mind.  Asking with my heart was easier than I thought.  They explained that I just had to shift my attention from my thoughts to my heart, which had no thoughts!  Then I imagined our new home and concentrated on how that would feel. What were the emotions?  How would having a new home enhance our lives?  My immediate feelings were of freedom, deep relaxation and coziness. 

The Archangels then suggested that I focus on these emotions when I wanted to pray for a new home, every time I thought of our new home and on every aspect of our current home that creates those emotions.

It's definitely a different way of praying and asking!  It by-passes the 'ifs' and 'buts' of the mind, and it feels more natural somehow.

As I applied this principle to several different areas of my life (finances, body, career) I saw that freedom was an underpinning emotion or value in more than one area.  So now I'm practicing feeling free, and noticing the moments of freedom already in my life (and there are many, many moments that I was ignoring).

After that, it's just a matter of time before my prayers are answered!

*Automatic writing is one of the tools Jo (who coordinates their visits) suggests using to connect with the Archangels.

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