Friday, 4 February 2011

The Inner Angel

Recently, I've been wondering how would we know if we met an angel on the street.  How would they be different to humans?  Even if they were disguised as humans...

I think they would be different in two ways: first, when talking to us, they would be utterly present to what we are saying.  They would not be lost in their story, thinking of something else or even their own response.  They would listen deeply.

As a result of their inner clarity, I imagine, we would feel completely seen and heard; that what we had to say, no matter how mundane, mattered enormously.  And it is very seldom in life that we get such complete undivided attention, that we experience just how much we matter, and how important each and every one of us is.  I think that experience alone would be enormously healing and soothing.

The second way they would be different from us is that they would approach every situation with love.  Most interactions, I find, are frequently besmudged with defensiveness, critical thoughts or absent-mindedness.  How intoxicating would it feel to experience love and acceptance when meeting an angel?

It strikes me that these characteristics are not beyond the scope of human behaviour.  They would require us to be present, to be care-full and attentive in our interactions with others, but they are not impossible: we could do it. 

Then, in one day, I read in two different places, that angels are an aspect of every human being.  That we all have an inner angel.  Perhaps they are an aspect of our soul.  Or the blueprint of who we can be when we are living to our highest potential; maybe they exist within us as gracefully and quietly as the oak lives within the acorn as it grows...

It's not such a far-fetched idea as it may first appear.  How wonderful that within each of us is an angel, and our job may be - not to become angels - but simply stop getting in our own way.

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