Friday 18 February 2011

The Archangels' Visit: Day 3

Small Miracles

There hasn't been a lot of difference over the past few days - well none that's very noticable at any rate.  But then, to focus on 'glamorous' transformations and miracles may well distract me from noticing the small changes that are occuring around me.

For a start, I feel better in myself.  I feel lighter and happier, for no apparent reason.  When people used ask me how I was, I'd respond with an unenthusiastic, "I'm good thanks".  I've noticed that I now reply with an energetic, "I'm great thanks"!

A more remarkable event was a phonecall, out of the blue, from a friend.  An old business venture that I had thought was gathering dust may be about to flourish.  Now that would be terrific if it came to pass.

But perhaps the most amazing of all is how Dirk has experimented with this process.  I can't help laughing as this cynical businessman says, "Hop on, Guys" as he leaves the house in the morning!  In fact, he's had quite a few miracles at work, lucky fellow!

So, if I were only to focus on the big-ticket glamorous miracles, I would miss out on the small (and potentially not so small) changes that are occurring.  And perhaps there's something to be said for slow, steady change that discretely improves our lives.

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