Tuesday 15 February 2011

The Archangels' Visit

I spent three days cleaning our home.  That's more a reflection of trying to juggle baby-minding with housework than the size of our home: or its dirtiness! 

The Archangels were coming to visit us for five days.

It's hard to imagine, but just one week ago, I read an article about five Archangels visiting a woman in the States.  She said that it was possible, with the help of a few rituals, for them to visit anyone.  I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of this incredible event and, before I knew it, she told me they were arriving in five days.

I counted down the days.  The hours.  Finally, it was just minutes.  One last wash of the kitchen floor.  Then I hovered by the front door, filled with excitement.  Indeed, when I finally opened the front door, at 9pm precisely, I was so excited that I think I actually expected to see them standing there.

After welcoming them in, as described in the ritual, I wondered if I was just imagining it. 
"Are they here?" Dirk' asked.
"Yes", I replied, though I was a little uncertain.  I had no proof: I was acting on pure faith.  We sat there awkwardly for a few minutes, not quite sure what to do next.  The minutes slipped past and we relaxed back into our evening.  Nothing seemed different.

Were they really here?  It seemed too monumental a happening for mere mortals to experience.  Nothing appeared to change that night, but it was just the beginning of the journey...

Note: please excuse the lack of an image - they were shy about being photographed!

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  1. Hello! You can absolutely learn to hear the Archangels. I have proof! You can visit www.ThisIsMyMiracle.blogspot.com to hear them audio recorded in videos we make. We are them and me =)

    Angels Abound!
    ~ Mia