Monday, 21 February 2011

The Archangels' Visit: Day 5

The Last Day

Would I recommend this process?  Definitely. 

It has been a subtle, yet deeply transformative process for me.  As I made a list of all the unexpected events and changes that happened during the week, from small to large, I noted at least 15 gifts.  And there could be many more that I just haven't recognised yet, or that have yet to come to fruition.

My three greatest gifts from this process are not dramatic, but they enhance daily life in a profound way.  I feeling more peaceful and content within myself.  Both Dirk and I have noticed a different lightness in our relationship with eachother with more laughter and ease in our time together. 

However, the greatest change must surely be this: I welcomed the Archangels at the beginning of the ritual on my own, but we both did the closing ritual.  Who would have imagined it?!  Not me.

If you are interested in hosting the Archangels for five days, please contact Jo, at:

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