Tuesday 13 March 2012

Am I...?

If "I am..." reinforces our status as beings in a black and white, binary world, then it also reinforces the idea that we are seperate individuals.  This idea glosses over a greater spiritual wisdom, that All is One.

Every religion teaches some variation on theme of 'love your neighbour as yourself'.  At first glance, this is an injunction to be a good person, kind and considerate to others.  However, below that, this teaching expands into a truth much richer and deeper.  In loving our neighbour as ourselves, we begin to glimpse that what makes them happy, makes us happier.  Their lives are not as seperate as we first imagined.  There is a connection between us. 

On our spiritual quest, that connection is slowly revealed.  At first it seems that the mood and well being of another affect our mood and wellbeing.  As we good deeper, we discover that all things are connected, and so too are all beings.  We are one.  "I am..." is a powerful learning instrument.  But after a time, "I am..." begins to receed as it merges into "we are...".

I am (!) not there.  But the realisation increases, at a knowing level even if it is not a visceral, lived experience.  Yet.

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