Thursday 22 March 2012

Finding God

It's probably truer to say that God is created in the image and reflection of humans than vice vearsa. At least at the start of the spiritual journey.

Those who live in fear, envisage a punishing and often irrational God.  Those who live in peace envisage a calmer and more benevolent God.  Along the journey of the soul, a transformation occurs and the understanding of God shifts from an external 'person', to an intelligence beyond gender or personification, an intelligence of which we are a part. 

With this shift in perspective comes a shift in how we connect with that divine force.  We move from supplicating and interceding, and focus increasingly on developing a more direct and intimate connection.   That connection is not found in the words of prayers as easily as it is found in the silence of meditation, where our minds empty and we connect directly to the wisdom and creativity of the divine.

Moreover, we no longer experience ourselves to be subject to the whimsies of an irrational and incomprehensible God, but we begin to take ownership of our lives, responsibility for the events that unfold in our lives and, most importantly, our reactions to those events.  God is no longer beyond us. 

We have started to road of union, understanding at last that we are a part of the divine.  There is nothing in divine that is not also within us. 

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