Tuesday 13 March 2012

Below 'I am'

If 'I am...' limits us, then how do we step outside the false boundaries that this phrase imposes? 

Certainly, it's not, 'I think...'.  If there is a verb that has as much power power to limit us as to set us free, 'I think' must be that verb.  But most frequently, it serves as our warden more than our liberator. 

Our thoughts have a tendency to harden into our characters.  While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this, most of my thoughts are the result of partial information and subjective experiences.  They are the very opposite of the expansive, inclusive universal spirit with which I will, one day, re-merge. 

Emotions on the other hand, they are fluid, dynamic, and flexible. They flutter across our horizons, like clouds, changing, dissolving, disappearing and reforming eternally.  'I feel...' opens more spaciousness on the spiritual journey than 'I am...'.  The latter closes us down and limits us.  The former acknowledges that are constantly changing, evolving and becoming.

And what is the journey towards the light, the journey of the spirit, if not the rising arc of our souls towards the infinite universal?

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