Tuesday 13 March 2012

I am...

As soon as we utter the phrase, "I am..." we limit ourselves.  We set ourselves in opposition to one characteristic and in alignment with another.  Yet the soul is beyond opposition and alignment.  It encompassess and surpasses duality. 

So deciding "I am..." forces us to become fixed, to become more rigid and less accepting.  And in every rejection, however morally justified it may seem, we create a distance between our egos and our souls. 

There is a point on the spiritual journey where there are clear terms and conditions for wrong and right.  The world is very black and white - as it often is for a child.  As we grow older, the world of black and white collapses into tones of grey.  Nothing is ever so simple anymore. 

So too it is with the spiritual jouney.  Beyond a certain point, the morality of right and wrong begins to fade.  In its place, comes an acceptance that the universe weaves a dance more complex and more just than we can fathom.  Right and wrong become illusions.  Duality fades, even if just a little, and with it, the realisation that "I am..." is the ultimate illusion.

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