Tuesday 27 November 2012

Dual core processing

As if on demand, the universe has just provided me with a situation to explore how my new understanding of personality and Self interact.

Dirk and I have just had a disagreement.  I thought he had asked me to do ABC and I had done it with delicacy as to what was important to him.  When I told him, he was annoyed with me because he wanted XYZ. 

I was really hurt because I had done my best with a genuine consideration for what mattered to him.  At the point where he was giving out, I realised it wasn't Him giving out to me, he was just running his programming.  And at the point where I was hurt and upset, it was just my programming. 

I still felt my pain, but I saw myself feeling it.  It wasn't all of me.  I was processing on two levels: the immediate feeling level and the observer level that noticed but didn't blame or judge either party.

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