Friday 9 November 2012

James' update

Just a couple of incidents that made me laugh...

A few days ago, James came up to me asking for something.  At first I didn't get it, then I realised... "A chocho road..."  Of course, make up his train set!

Yesterday he called from the bedroom.... " 'Duck Mama, 'duck'.  I went in to see how he was stuck this time.  He sat on our bed with his push car (as big as he is) sitting on his legs!  How he had managed to get on the bed and pull that up on top of him is beyond me.

It seems that he has taken great leaps in the past three weeks.  He is starting to sing along to songs and do the hand motions: his rendition of Twinkle Twinkle is very cute.  He even sings along to himself when he's playing... a sort of 'la la twinkle lidle la la' verion of the songs! 

Numbers have also emerged on his horizon.  He can recognise two of anything, three items pose problems, but he's very confident with two.  He knows the numbers up to ten, though 7,8 and 9, would appear to be his favorites as they come up more frequently than the others in any counting sequence. 

It's wonderful to see the world emerge before his eyes, a place of wonder and mystery.

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