Thursday 15 November 2012

Love heals all

Each one of us is afraid of ourselves.

We may brush it over, pretend not to see, or even steadfastly ignore it.  But that does not invalidate it.  In a little corner of our minds, we are afraid.

We fear our own thoughts.  Sometimes we are ashamed of what we have done - or failed to do.  Often we can assuage this feeling by thinking of someone we know who has done worse, said worse or thought worse than we have, but the relief is only temporary.

In quiet moments, I know that feeling.  I know the inadequacies of my character; the moments when I have chosen the lazy path instead of following through on my intuition. 

In meditation recently, I understood that Love judges nothing; not even our darkest, murkiest shadow.  Divine Love simply invites us to release those thoughts, those fears to its cleansing energy, where they can be assimilated into the light.  I'm so used to shoving my bad thoughts, my fears back into the box that it's taking a lot of courage not to flinch in the presence of my shadow, and offer it to Divine Love to cleanse and clear

When we open a door into a darkened room, it is the light that always melts the darkness.

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