Friday 16 November 2012

The chicken pox journals - Day 7

He's still contagious!  Agh! 

I had resigned myself to no nursery day today, but I still can't even go to the supermarket.  I have said it many times, when life is going well, it's easy to think we don't need others.  When times are hard, when things go wrong, we realise how much we depend on others.  Dirk is working until tomorrow evening and won't be home tonight, so with no one to mind James while I go shopping, James and I will be sure to use every scrap left in the fridge!

A few days ago, in desperation that he wouldn't eat, I suggested he sit up at the table with me for lunch.  He jumped at the idea!  I put a cushion on the chair, covered it over with a blanket and up he clambered.  He ate all his lunch, so he's had lunch with me ever since.  This morning when I asked if he was ready for breakfast, he ran to get the cushion: no more baby chair for him!  It's so touching to see him growing and the pride he feels as he accomplishes ever greater steps of independence.

On a final note, I held a shell to his ear and suggested he could hear the sea. This morning while I was changing his nappy, he held an aloe vera cream to his ear and said, "the sea, the sea"!!

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