Friday 9 November 2012

Not more personal demons...

"How are you with the dark side?" Gary asked.
"Ummm...." I stalled, "what do you mean?"
"Do you go into the dark side?"
"No."  It was an easy answer.  "I prefer to believe that all things can be transformed through love and light."  Yes, really!  And I mean it.

"Well," continued Gary, "that's true and it's not.  Sometimes you have to be willing to really acknowledge a personal limitation before you can truly live its enlightened counterpart."
"Ok..." I wasn't convinced, but an hour perviously I had sat down and said a prayer for help and then Gary rang.  I hadn't heard from him in months.  If this was the help I needed, I didn't want to ignore it.

So looked at resentment: I found an image for the part of me that resents, listened to what that sub-personality feared, what they hoped to get, and what they needed to feel safe and loved.  I blessed them and asked for release.  

That night I had a deeply disturbing dream.  When I awoke I wondered if I was actually going backwards in my spiritual journey.  A few hours later, the meaning of the dream suddenly became clear. I had released that part of my dark side. The work that had to be done was done. 

Now here's the weird bit (no, not the other bits, they're 'normal'!) all four areas of my life that were not just stuck but seemed to be regressing changed over the next five days.  It was as though a new energy had been flushed through them.

The spiritual path can seem lonely and quite hard at times, requiring deep commitment, but this week I feel truly blessed.  I know I'm not alone: I asked for help and got it almost immediately.  I even got proof that it had worked in a tremendously short time frame.  And if more little gremlins pop up, I can welcome them, knowing they will unleash new joy and energy into my life.

I really see that I'm collaborating with the spiritual realms, not beseeching them for this or that insight, but working together with them.  What a blessing.

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