Thursday 25 June 2009

Day 4: reality creeps in....

Yes, reality is raising its ugly head and upsetting my equanimity: but that's its job! I am probably busier at the moment than I have been in a very long time, as I've some part-time work that requires a lot of travel. Life has become a balancing act that requires more finesse!

Yesterday, I was able to focus on 'care and attention' during stressful moments, however today I found I forgot it for long periods of time. And when I did remember, I couldn't always find that calm feeling that the thought brought me yesterday.

It was a different story yesterday, when I remembered to think of 'care and attention', I found myself automatically relax a little, as though I was gently observing the situations I was in rather than thrashing around in it.

Tomorrow is another day. But I haven't given up on today. Yet! And I most definitely haven't given up on this journey. Unexpectedly, I feel as though some deeper wisdom is awakening through this process. It almost feels as though, deep within my heart, a flower bud that I never knew existed is beginning to unfurl its petals.

And I love nothing more than a good adventure in consciousness!

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