Monday 22 June 2009

Finding my purpose - Day 1

As you may have guessed by now, I am fascinated by how we can tap into the Infinite, the Divine, in our daily lives. And I think I’ve found it… Well, technically I have read it! I will only have ‘found’ it, when I can live it.

I’m what I once saw ignoblely labelled as a “spiritual magpie”, people who go around finding idea after idea, but never really practicing any of them. Well, that changes today.

Eckhart Tolle (A New Earth), talks about an inner and an outer purpose. The outer purpose is the result of the inner purpose. The inner purpose is to bring greater awareness to the planet. I have spent almost three decades attempting to find my purpose, and bringing awareness to the planet aligns beautifully with my vague flashes of insight.

But what does that mean in daily life? Should I change job (well, in my case, find a specific type of job, rather than ‘any’ job)? Should I move to India? Or give up alcohol? It’s far easier than that, Tolle says. So here it is…

Bring care and attention to everything you do.

That’s too simple – which is precisely why I think it will work. The simplest things always have the most profound impact. And they are frequently the hardest things to do.

So I have decided to do an urban retreat… For the next month I am going to practice living this one sentence. I’ve chosen a month because I’ve noticed in the past that if I focus on changing any aspect of my life, I can generally manage it in one month.

I have strategically placed posters of this sentence around the flat (poor Dirk will think I’ve lost it – again!) to remind me of my intention and I’ll log my progress on the blog.

What excites me is that this allows me to stand out of my own way and give Infinite Creativity a channel through which it can express itself. What happens when I set the intention to allow the Divine to infuse every moment, every thought and every action? What does this change in my life? Does it increase synchronicity? Does it change my relationships? Bring clarity of thought? How does living out my Inner Purpose affect my Outer Purpose (the doing, actions, jobs etc)?

What an exciting journey!

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  1. I love it Jen. So simple and pure and it works.