Thursday 4 June 2009

The Mud Bath

I’m still grappling with the purpose of this blog. What am I doing here? What am I hoping to learn from doing this? At Stratford tube station, it got a little clearer: perhaps it’s the Olympic spirit that now pervades the place!

I’m using this space to trace my inner journey, to explore and understand it. The reason for this inner journey is that I believe that we can, in some limited way, find ‘Heaven’ on Earth.

It’s not necessary to die to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, as we were taught in Catholic Ireland. The journey is far more subtle. It’s about turning within ourselves in order to reconnect with our spirit, our soul, so that it may infuse our actions, our thoughts, and our emotions with its essence of love and peace.

Hence, ‘From mud to miracles’: the mud of life is the everyday stresses and strains: the miracles are those moments when that mud is no longer dark and sticky, but is transformed into something light and translucent … when an upset is no longer an upset, but simply an event.

So this blog follows my [inner] journey, as I grapple with the mud and attempt to transform it, so that it is infused with the divinity inherent in the soul.

Mostly it’s a mud bath, and what glorious fun that can be! But there are also times when – for a moment – the mud disappears and the sheer beauty of a moment sparkles like a rainbow.

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