Tuesday 23 June 2009

Finding my purpose - Day 2

This is actually proving rather interesting. Throughout the day I have been reminding myself of 'Care and Attention'. Just thinking of those two words...

And I've noticed two things so far:

1. it helps me to focus on what I'm doing at that exact moment, so I stop worrying about the other things I'm meant to be doing, so I am doing things with more 'quality' than I did before

2. there is something very gentle and almost loving about those two words, 'Care and Attention'. As a result, I feel like even the mundane things I'm doing are touched with a little care. They aren't rushed off unthinkingly, they are done with care and I wonder if that will somehow rub off on the recipients of my actions (even if it's something as banal as photocopying forms for people I'll never meet).

After just one day, I really do find that this is helping me. I feel as though everything I am doing is done to a slightly higher standard and that leaves me feeling better about myself.

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