Monday 8 June 2009


I got up this morning and put on my gym clothes. It was too early to walk down to the gym, so I sat and waited.

Then I got up, took off my gym clothes and went back to bed.

It's probably the first time I've done that. No, the second....

But there's something to this: having proudly announced my self-discipline a mere week ago, I am now falling on my own sword. Hari-Kari isn't really my thing. I perfer to be more moderated in my opinions because one of the few things I have learnt over time is that my opinion changes! Or perhaps I'm just leaving myself Wiggle-Room!

On my way home this evening, I searched for some insight that would redeem what one of my puritanical Subpersonality sees as a failure.

There is nothing so grand. There is just this: a naked human being. I espouse values and principles, and there are times when I simply fail to live up to them.

There is something raw about admitting that I fail to meet my own standards. But I realise that this 'rawness', this sense of being naked, actually is helps me from falling on my sword more often. Arrogence alienates: I would rather opt for humility. And this has been a reminder of the power of humility.

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