Wednesday 5 August 2009

New thoughts create new lives

Consider this: our thinking is the result of old thoughts and past experiences. The result? The same old, same old.

So how do we revolutionise thinking?

How do you create new thoughts? ... New ideas? … New responses to old problems?

There are many ways, but here's one I'm playing with at the moment: think from the future.

We - ops, that should be I! - spend so much time reacting to situations and people through the lens of my past. That limits my feelings, my thoughts and my actions to the past.

What if I consider what I want in the future?

What if I respond, not as the woman I was, but as the woman I choose to be in ten years time?

The same old situations may transform. My response may be different. New possibilities may open up.

The walls that I have unconsciously erected may dissolve.

I may create an entirely new reality for myself; one that is not limited to old pains, but that springs from the best of who I want to be.

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