Friday 7 August 2009

Your magic lights

Every morning the sun gets up. It's just doing its thing. It's not pretending to be the moon, or the stars or the sea. It's simply being the sun, revolving in space.

And yet, each morning the colours the radiate from it announce its arrival like a chorus of trumpets.

Each day, its light transforms our lives.

And each evening, as it retires, still just being itself, we honour its passing, admiring its beauty.

What would happen if we were to apply this principle to our lives? What would happen if we simply embraced all of who we are? If we stopped pretending we were something or even someone else?

Perhaps we won't have the trumpet chorus each morning (thank goodness, I prefer my Earl Grey in silence!), but we will definitely discover that the honest truth of who we really are is as wondrous as the sun, and as we touch others we too leave a trail of iridescent lights in our wake…

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