Tuesday 25 August 2009

Shine your light

"Rather than looking at up and down moments in your life, take a moment to see the whole, to appreciate the massive journey you have travelled. Although you may feel that you are not worthy, in fact, you have so much more to share with others.

Your wisdom has and always will help others, but you have not wished to see it for fear of feeling superior or displacing God. But know this - there is no displacing God. There is only allowing him to shine through your form, so that others may get a glimpse, a touch of what is possible. That is the journey of your soul and the passage that you have made on this planet.

So if you can allow this to be and work with it by which I mean, simply to allow it to flow as it flows through you, withour censorship, you will achieve your soul's calling. There is nothing more to do than be yourself."

This came through when I was writing to a friend earlier; because it seemed to have such a profound resonance I felt it was a message for everyone, so I wanted to share it with you.

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