Thursday 13 August 2009

Underneath words

What … A photo for a blog? Have I given up!

Not really. Underneath words is meaning. But sometimes we get so hung up on the words that we loose the meaning. We race through the words, but loose the story.

I decided to leave a simple photograph to by-pass the words. I wondered if the lack of words would create a moment of curiosity, a space ... where a new thought could inspire, where a new meaning could unfold.

I know that, for myself, I fill my mind with thoughts. Or rather, thoughts flood my mind continuously; but they are far from helpful. They are like incessant chatter that blocks a deeper wisdom.

It is not surprising that so many spiritual traditions recommend some form of stillness, because it allows us a brief window through which we can see beyond the narrow confines of our self-imposed busy-ness. It is a space that offers us the possibility of gaining a little glimpse into what truly matters, into the actions and behaviours that not only serve our highest good but also enrich our lives.

As a society, it seems to me that we are addicted to being busy. We gain legitimacy by saying that we are 'stressed out' and 'too busy'. Rather than medals of honour, these hint at the madness we have convinced ourselves is normality. Where is the difference between our so-busy lifestyles and my nephews' hamster running around his exercise wheel?

We too are constantly chasing, and yet we are often curiously unclear what exactly it is we are chasing. At least the hamster is getting exercise, the rest of us are simply wearing ourselves out. We reach for different prizes, but they seldom satisfy us for long. I’m increasingly aware that what I’ve been chasing isn’t ‘out there’, it’s ‘in here’. Locating that sense of peace and connection inside was either genius or outrageously funny, because it was the last place I wanted to look.

Less is more. Less thoughts, more inspiration. Less clutter, more spaciousness. Less words, more meaning.

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