Tuesday 18 August 2009

The secret to life?

I'm not sure what to write today. I've written a few posts, deleted them and then started again! So it's not flowing so well! So I'm embracing the hiatus!

What I'm doing at the moment is pursuing my fascination with the subject of conscious creation. For me, as much as finding the secret to eternal wealth, I really want to know how we can create rich lives.

It seems to me that so much of the angst and pain in life is caused by our own thoughts. It is our reactions, our thoughts, on any issue that create our emotional poverty. How do we move beyond our pre-programmed thoughts and reactions? How can we become more conscious? How can we make life more graceful, so that we can cope with life’s ups and downs?

While I don't have the answers yet(!), I'm getting pretty excited by the fact that all the great writers on this issue focus on acceptance over resistance. It really does give me hope that they are universally focusing on just one concept. I may just be able to implement one simple idea!


  1. by letteing go of the negative and saying yes to the universe we can cope with the ups and downs of life.having gratitude is also a beautiful thing to embrace being grateful for all the beautiful things that the world has to offer and really taking notice of the small things it all makes a difference to how we see things.
    gemma welch

  2. I absolutely agree! We often get lost in the stresses and problems, so we magnify them, giving them greater power and influence than they deserve. And then we forget the small things, the beautiful moments...the smiles, the touches, the caring, the fun and the laughter. Must remember that more myself!