Thursday 17 November 2011

Inside out

I think I have lived my life on three dimensions.  Indeed, I continue to do so, for better or worse.  There is the external world, the world of coming and going, doing and achieving, acting and reacting.  That's the every day world that I get lost in, time and again, day in, day out.  I get lost in it and think it's real, that the slings and arrows that abound can hurt me.

Then there's the internal mind world.  That's where I think about the external world: I plan, I dream; I fear, I regret; I act and react. I'm thinking about what's going on, about the slings and arrows, lost in the drama of it, all this glorious doing and thinking.

The third world is the internal heart world.  That's where I be.  That's the space of peace and of love, of acceptance and surrender.  This is where I reconnect with the person I am becoming, it is where the best of me resides.

It takes so much mindfulness to return to this world, the inner world of the heart.  It is from here that I draw strength and optimism, insight and compassion.  I believe that heaven on earth is when we move from our heads to our hearts, from fear to love.  When we live from the inside out.

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