Sunday 13 November 2011

Just one step ahead

I've read so much about manifestation and the power of positive thinking and I've come to the conclusion that, clearly, reading is different to doing or being.  Or even manifesting, in this this case.  We still live in our 'bijou' one-bed flat and somehow, the eight-bedroomed Georgian country house has not manifested!

I realise that I have been feeling an undercurrent of guilt that I have not managed to manifest a job or a house (not even a two bedroomed house with potential).  I have been supressing a small voice that has worried that I have somehow 'not done it properly' or that I must be too negative a person if our life circumstances haven't changed. 

Today, Sam, suggested that nothing in life is about going from A to Z in a single bound.  At best, we can from from A to B.  And then on to C.  Society appears to be obsessed with instant change at the moment: instant fame, instant house make overs, instant millionaires, instant body changes.  For a very small minority, this may happen, but for most of us, life is more gentle, more incremental and less radical.

So Sam's idea, to focus on the next small step; to imagine the next possible good thing in life is a much gentler approach, a much kinder approach. 

Keeping hope alive is good, because I believe it helps us stretch ourselves to our next point of growth.  Paradoxically, this is juxtaposed with my own belief that accepting the present, rather than trying to force the future, may just be my path.  While the instant millionnaire makeover is possible, gently appreciating what is, is where true peace is found, not yearning, wanting, guilt or fear.

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