Tuesday 1 November 2011

The Velvet Revolution

Our world is broken on so many levels that the challenge of healing the hurt and pain that oozes from every aspect of our society can feel overwhelming. Society globally is calling out for a makeover.  Not the external kind: an internal makeover.  A shift from head to heart, from fear to love, from cynicism to trust.

No prophet has ever preached fear.  They come in love, they offer us love and they invite us to love.  It could not be simpler, it could not be kinder and it could not be gentler.  It is a velvet revolution of the heart.

None of us are asked to get from A to Z, to change the world single handedly.  We are, however, invited to change our corner of the world, to step from A to B.  The easiest, fastest way to do this is to open our hearts.  Moving from fear to love, from despair to hope, from cynicism to kindness is the most immediately impactful action any of us can take to begin healing our planet.

I know from my own life that moving out from behind my armor is not always easy, but it is rewarding, I finally feel that no matter how minute a contribution my kindness may make, it is indeed that: a genuine contribution to the velvet revolution of love that is swaddling our hearts and swaddling our planet.

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