Monday 14 November 2011

Transforming the Path

There is not one friend of mine at present who is not facing a significant life challenge.  My life is no different.  Indeed, in almost every life, there will be one theme, one aspect, one drama that keeps on playing itself out in various guises, time and time again. 

This is our archtypal quest.  The path that provides us with the greatest opportunities for growth.  For most of my life, I've tried to change the world outside, to deal with the challenge, to find the solution: in short, to get rid of the problem.  Because once the problem is gone, I will feel better.  Yes? 

No.   That is the logic of the mind and fear.  I'm no longer convinced that this is the solution.  Rather than resist our Dao, our Way, our Path, perhaps it is in accepting and embracing our Path that the breakthrough happens. 

I am increasingly inclined to believe that transformation occurs within, not without.  Transforming my Inner world is what will lead to transformation in my Outer world.  Tapping into forgiveness, patience, kindness, peace or even love, any positive emotion, brings us one step closer to living through our hearts, to living through love.  We may even have to forgive ourselves for being so very harsh with ourselves every time we have walked the path up to now.

We are all faced with challenges.  If we can remain open, if we can respond with curiosity, kindness and patience, then we can begin to generate deep transformation in our Inner world.  Then the happenings of the Outer world affect us less.  And ultimately, I believe, the Path will become effortless, because the learning will be complete, so it will have served its purpose.  And its purpose is our healing.

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