Thursday 12 July 2018

Ascension in Progress: Posting 4

It is hard to imagine it has only been three weeks since my life changed so completely after Narendra’s* reading and Reiki.  And herein is one of the paradoxes at the heart of the spiritual journey.  

We experience massive internal shifts, but the outside world and our lives, continue to look almost identical.  What has changed?  Externally, pretty much nothing.  Internally: everything.  In fact, I am a little frustrated that it seems to take so long for subtle change to manifest into physical change.  I have to pinch myself to remember it’s only been three weeks.  Who knows what three more weeks will bring!

However, and this is the important bit, the spiritual journey continues.  Most days seems to happen, but this meditation last week seems so rich, so unexpected, that I thought it was worth sharing it with you, because, hey, maybe you’re going through the same as me.  If you are – and even if you’re not! – I’d love to hear from you 😊

I settle down to meditate.  I’ve been feeling both grounded and spaced out simultaneously today, so I’m curious about what is happening.  I centre myself and go to the zero point field.  I imagine I walk through fields to a wood, and through the woods to a clearing.  At the centre of the clearing there is a portal and I enter. 

On the other side there is only pure white light and energy.  After I adjust, I become aware that I have been allowed to join a group that works for the upliftment of humanity.  Although I can see nothing, it is as though I am space filled with beings meditating on bringing light to humanity.  My mind is racing and I become aware that the thoughts from my mind are disturbing the peace these beings are creating, like a noisy toddler in a quiet temple!  I settle myself and focus on keeping my mind as still as I can.

After a while, I am about to leave the space and finish my meditation however, at just that point, the energy got stronger and impelled me to stay.

I am again seemingly alone in this white space.  After a while I notice that my garments are being changed, I'm being put in white clothes again, rather like a priest or pope's vestments except that they are pure white.  There is even the mitre cap.

I resist the cap.  I remember Nirendra telling me that resistance to something is probably the result of misused power – in this case – in a religious lifetime, I assume.  I know I am beyond that lifetime and the need for power now, so I stop resisting.  Immediately, the mitre disappears.

I realise that I am in the same temple where the Christ-ening happened.  I vaguely notice a white flower.  It disappears and I send my consciousness to look at it again. I recognise it.  What is it...?  Then it comes to me: 'it's a lotus: again!'  But I'm not under this time.  It's to my left.

They, perhaps Elders, tell me I am being priested.  They ask if I know what that means; I don’t know if they respond or if I do, saying that it's working for the people.  Letting go of self and working for the highest good of all.

I notice wisps of violet flames and the kundalini energy moves through my spine and out my head. 

They say I may reclaim my full DNA.  I'm not sure if this is wishful thinking on my part; it was in response to my question to have my sight and hearing restored, as both have disimproved.   I call in my full, original DNA and activate it.  Including youth! 

The meditation ends.  In fact, I am not sure how it ended.

Perhaps because it did not end.  Later that evening, when I am sitting down, I hear the word ‘anointing’ and I am suddenly back in the temple.  There was a woman in front of me and she puts an oil on my third eye.  She then bathes my feet in oil.  As my physical feet were actually very uncomfortable, this was a great relief.  Finally, she strokes oil though my hair, but my hair isn’t short and blond, it’s long, thick and black.

Again, the image fades.  


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